Ultimate in Vienna

Picture of players vying to catch a frisbee
Ultimate is the ultimate sport

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Thanks to Dreh und Trink for providing links to all the Vienna teams in the footer of every page of their website. The names below link to team websites.

Ultimate teams in Wien

Dreh und Trink
Chuck Bronson
Ultimate Vienna

And for the trainings: (The practice times and places are valid from ~march till October. During winter, things are a little different.)

17:30 Auer-Welsbach-Park, Neu-Penzing – team EÖFC beginners ø
19:30 Rustenschacherallee 3-5 – team EOFC experienced
17:00 Johann-Hoffmann-Platz  –  team Zombees ø
18:00 SP-Währinger Park, Gymnasium staße between Mollgasse and Phillippovichgasse – team DnT beginners and experienced ø
18:30 Hervicusgasse 13-15 – team Chuck Bronson

18 Meiereistrasse 20 teams Wunderteam and DnT
20 Meiereistrasse 20 teams from Ultimate Vienna – “FWD>>” (experienced/elite) and Ultimate Vienna Women “Mantis” (experienced/elite).

19:30 Johann-Hoffmann-Platz, team EOFC beginners ø

17 SP-Währinger Park, Gymnasium staße between Mollgasse and Phillippovichgasse – team Zombees ø
18:30 Meiereistrasse 20  – team EÖFC

ø : hard plastic or metal cleats forbidden on this ground – turf shoes and sneakers are ok

and these groups do pickup games:
Ultimate in Jesuitenwiese
Werfen in Wien

another option to play ultimate (or to start learning it) is the USI : USI frisbee